Wednesday, June 8, 2011

dear friends

hello lovely friends
right now i'm glancing at all of our pictures together
reminiscing all the beautiful and joyous moments really makes me smile

for the ladies, Niza, Zura, Mia, Tasya, Choi and Tia.
the things that i won't forget, 
we helped each other to survive and move on after breakups
but surely we'll find it more easier to move on when 24 hours we're being surrounded by silly friends
don't dare to bet, at least you could carve a smile although with a wounded heart. Lol

for the gents, Yan, Syaz, Man and Muiz. not forgetting Ayien
haaa. they are my shining armor
always been there when i need a shoulder to lean on
sometimes they act like an old lady, keep on giving advices and some bullshit quotes. haha

seriously, you brighten up my days :)
your kindness are greatly appreciated.
currently i'm too far away, Mia and Tasya also weren't there
wishing that someday all of us will gather somewhere heee ;D
and do crazy things together. la la la

My Sweetheart 

zura, syaz and niza








*err macam baru perasan everytime jauh dengan diorang i akan update pasal friends.
errghh i can't live without them *tears
i love you

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

back on track

hello bloggers and readers 
i almost forgot when was the last time my blog being updated
so many things had happened that was well indeed challenged me as a human being
i hoped that i'm strong enough to scribbled all the stories here

so many post that i had already deleted
with high hopes that i could erase all the sad stories too.
err. it sounds so emotional right?
no worries people, this is life.
sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes were washed with tears
currently i'm working my way up the ladder and enjoy every moments
keep wondering what this life has to offer me   :)