Thursday, July 1, 2010

MONEY MESS ? are you in it?

taking a test to see if i'm living a happily lifestyle on a shandy budget.  :D
hey, you should figure it out too. *winking

1.  Do you ever struggle to pay the basics, such as your mortage and bills?
   a.  No, never
   b.  Sometimes, for instance after shopping or a big holiday
   c.  Yes, frequently.  I'm always getting final demands

2.  Do you know how much money is in your current account right now?
   a. Yes, to the nearest RM50
   b.  Yes, to the nearest RM100
   c. I have no idea, I really try to avoid thinking about it

3.  When your bill comes through, you:
   a. Always pay it all off
   b. Usually pay it all off
   c. Only pay the monthly minimum

4.  You've had a nightmare day at work and feel in need of a treat. What do you choose?
   a. A new nail polish
   b. A new top
   c. A divine little designer something - well, you certainly deserve it.

5.  How do you pay for holidays?
   a. Save up beforehand
   b. Book it, then pay off the balance before you go
   c.  Put it on the credit card and worry about it later.

6.  The week before payday feels:
   a. Just the same as every other week
   b. A bit of a struggle, you have to cut back your spending
   c. Like a total nightmare, you always have to borrow from friends or use credit

7.  You realise that impulse buy was a mistake. You:
   a. Try to sell it to a friend or on eBay
   b. Try to see if the shop will let you exchange it for something else.
   c.  Shove it to the back of your wardrobe along with your other shopping blunders.

8.  When your monthly bank statement arrives, you:
   a. Check it carefully, then file it.
   b. Have a quick glance through
   c. Leave it on the doormat. Why depress yourself?


You've learnt the golden rule of money management - it's not how much you've got, it's how you handle it.  It's likely that when you were younger, your parents taught you sensible spending and saving habits by giving you a monthly allowance.  You always make sure there's enough to cover the essentials and you forward-plan for holidays.  You're in the perfect position to build up a financial cushion.

While you're not in dire straits, you're never totally in control of your cash.  Unplanned expenses, such as car repairs, send you into money meltdown, but setting aside about RM150 every month in an emergency fund will help you meet these expenses.  You can never resist the odd impulse buy, so ditch your store cards for a single credit card. You'll pay less interest and it'll be easier to keep track of your expenses.  Get into the habit of saving up for treats. After all, the less you pay in interest, the more you'll be have for fun.

But you're not the only one. In a recent survey, 52% of women admitted to haphazard finances.  You need to prioritise - your mortage, tax and utility bills are more important than your fashion buys.  Contact your creditors and explain you're having trouble paying.  Agree an amount to repay each month.  Then draw up a budget of all your incomings and outgoings and see where you can cut back.

by Beth Gibbon.

bdasarkan jawapan, kira aku ni 50-50 lahh.  hee  :)
biasalah. sebagai seorang student,  memang masalah kewangan mesti ada punya lah.
tak payahla nak tipu.. lainlah bagi anak-anak orang kaya kann..
tapi tak jugak, manusia ni memang tak pernah puas, dan tak pernah cukup..
nak lagi, nak lagi, nak lagi. sampai berlebih-lebih pun nak jugak demand macam- macam lagi..
tapi apa boleh buat, pandai-pandai sendiri lah nak handle duit tu macam mana.


  1. i saw this in cleo!!!! i m the mostly A one..LOL...i dun think is good management of money..its kinda kedekut actually.LOL

  2. yess. haha. kedekut? okay what. better than spending your money on rubbish stuff. i can't control mine. hee

  3. wow, rajin nya type out! i'm also mostly B. now that i'm earning my own money, i'm always out of control for my finances. =p coz it's own money. even worst with a credit card, swipe 1st worry later. =P but then it's still within my control la. kdg2 takut gak tengok account bank dah on the low side.

    but wat to do, kiter pompuan memang tak tahan tengok kalau dah byk sales merata tempat! =P

  4. nice questionnaire.. but is it only for women? =)

  5. sMoochie: tahu takpe. perempuan memang cepat rambang mata, so mesti beli banyak kann.

    kenwooi: mana boleh perempuan je. lelaki pun sama lah..