Thursday, September 30, 2010

single sadness

hello people

what's making you down ?
yess. single sadness.

it's a risk of depression
yess again
i've been through this kind of depression
it damage my relationship with others
sabotage my study
huge knock-on effect on my health
it makes me want to hide away from the world
and it withdraw me from my beloved friends  :'(
it's all about LOVE

i make a mistake again
tied up into a relationship
to cover up the loneliness
the words LOSER burden my mind
scratching for an idea to avoid it
lessons learned
don't you dare to be in a relationship with others
if your heart does not ready for it
it might hurt yourself cause
you have the title but it doesn't mean anything
and the silence will hurt you more
and you are not really into that "i'm falling in love" feelings. 

yeah, it is not right

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